Hugh George and Elizabeth Louise (Kenefick) Scallon

Scallon family 1902

Elizabeth Louise (Kenefick) Scallon with sons and daughters
Front row, L to R:  Jeanette, Elizabeth ("Lizzie"), "Nellie" (seated at her mother's knee), Mary, Theresa
Back row, L to R:  Hugh G., William, Hubert, John ("Joe"), Louis, Fred
A portrait of Hugh George Scallon can be seen on the right.

This family portrait was taken in 1902, the year after Hugh George died.

[This photo courtesy of Bernard Scallon]

Scallon home, Iowa

After his marriage to Elizabeth, Hugh George Scallon prospered
and eventually hired her brother Richard to build a large victorian home
on his farm northeast of Ackley, Iowa.

This photo is from a xerox copy of a photograph.

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